Family Tree

Our purpose is to help families work together to make connections and discover their heritage.
Add your ancestors to our free, online Family Tree.
When a child in Family Tree is connected to the wrong mother or father, correct the parent-child relationships.
Naming traditions vary widely. When you enter your ancestor's names correctly in Family Tree, it is easier for others to find them.
Using standard formats for dates and places in Family Tree improves the accuracy and searchability of the information you enter.
You can add, edit, or delete marriage events in Family Tree. You can add 5 types of marriage events: marriage, divorce, annulment, common-law, and lived together.
Change the status of an individual in Family Tree from deceased to living to protect privacy.
You can often delete a person's record from Family Tree, but "Delete person unavailable" may appear instead.
Learn what to do when a person has more than one entry in Family Tree.
In Family Tree, you can add a step, adopted, or foster child to the parents' records in Family Tree.
You can dismiss some data problems in Family Tree.
Add outside sources into Family Tree. You can either link them to the online copy or attach a digital copy.
You can correct a person's vital information (name, sex, birth, christening, death, and burial) in Family Tree.
Learn about the different tools in Family Tree intended to make collaborating run smoother.