How do I add a family member to the pedigree in Family Tree?

Family Tree allows you to expand your family tree. As you add generations, Family Tree is able to link you to ancestors that are already in the system. Use record hints to find additional records for your family.

To protect the privacy of living people, other FamilySearch users cannot see information that you enter about living family members.

Steps (website)

Family Tree has multiple views. You can add family members in any view of the Family Tree.

Landscape View

  1. Use the arrows to expand the tree to the end of a line.
  2. Click the appropriate link for the person that you want to add:
    • To add a parent or spouse, click Add Father, Add Mother, or Add Spouse.
    • To add a child, click Children below a couple box, scroll to the bottom of the list, and click Add Child.

Portrait View

  1. Use the arrows to find the end of a line.
  2. Click Add Father, Add Mother, Add Spouse, or Add Child.
  3. To add a child, click one of the parents, and in the details that pop up, click View Tree. You will now have the option to add another child to that couple.

First Ancestor View

  1. Find the person who has missing family members (such as parents, children, or spouses).
  2. Above the person's picture, click the + icon:
    • To add a child, click Add Child.
    • To add a spouse, click Add Spouse.
    • To add a parent, click Add Parent.

Steps (mobile app)

The Family Tree mobile app has 2 view options: the portrait pedigree or the fan chart.

  1. On the portrait pedigree, tap the arrows and expand the tree to the end of a line. Tap Add Mother or Add Father.
  2. To add a parent or spouse, navigate to a person page and tap the Spouses or Parents tab. From the new screen, tap the appropriate Add button.
  3. To add a child, navigate to the parent, tap the Spouses tab, and tap Add Child.

Steps (Family Tree Lite)

In Family Tree Lite, you can add 4 generations of your direct-line ancestors directly from one screen. You can also add more of your ancestors and family than what this screen displays. For example, you can add your great-great grandparents and beyond. You can add the spouse, children, and grandchildren of your direct-line ancestor. And you can add the parents and siblings of your spouse or children.

  1. On the Me tab, find the place where the person belongs. Or find the closest relative and then follow these steps:
    1. Tap the name of the closest relative to that person. For example, to add parents for your spouse, tap your spouse's name. To add your great-great-grandparents, tap the name of the great-grandparent whose parents you want to add.
    2. Tap View Family. You can find this link in the bar that shows the person's name at the top of the page.
  2. Tap the appropriate link and add a spouse, child, or parent for the person.
  3. Enter the name, sex, and birth and death information. Be sure to indicate whether the person is alive or deceased.
  4. Tap Next.
  5. If you indicated that the person is alive, the data you entered is added into the system. Or, if you indicated that the person is deceased, the system searches to see if that person is already in Family Tree.
    • If Family Tree found possible matches, review the list. If one of the people listed is the right one, tap Add Person above the name.
    • If Family Tree did not find a match, tap Create Person at the top of the list.

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