How does Family Tree protect the privacy of living people?

Family Tree protects privacy by limiting who can see the records of living people. Only the user who entered the information about a living person into Family Tree can see or change it.

Please be aware of these 2 possible exceptions:

  • The memories attached to living people are potentially viewable by anyone. We recommend that you set the memories about living people to private.
  • If a living person is linked to a deceased family member, other users can potentially see, change, or delete information about the relationship.

How do I know if a person that I can see in Family Tree is living?

In Family Tree, records of living people contain a yellow banner across the top of the Person page. In addition, the word "Living" appears instead of a death date or the word "Deceased."

How do I add a living person to Family Tree?

  • You add a person to Family Tree and select the Living option.
  • You transfer a record of a living person from a database that you manage in a third-party program.

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can sometimes see living people whose information came from their Church membership record.

How do records of living people become public?

In most cases, the person's record becomes public after you add a death date to it. The Family Tree does not calculate whether a person whose record is marked as living could be deceased. The system does not change the status to deceased based on birth year.

Can multiple contributors enter the same living person into Family Tree?

Multiple users can enter a profile for the same living person into Family Tree. Each record has a different ID. If you make changes to the profile of a living person that you can see, your change does not affect other profiles for the same person.

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