Can I add memories about my living relatives to Family Tree?

Family Tree allows you to add memories about living relatives.

Protect the privacy of living people by making memories private

Please do not submit photographs of living people, except your own minor children, without their consent. Please see our Submission Agreement.

If you submit photographs of living people, we recommend that you make them private.

If you do not make the memory private, others can share it by links, social media, and email. Users can find the memory through a Google search. Others can find the memory through a topic tag search. Make your memory private to protect the privacy of living people.

Request removal of a memory about a living person

If you find a memory about yourself or another living person on FamilySearch, here are 2 ways to request removal:

  • Click the contributor's name, and send a message that requests removal.
  • Open the memory, and click Report Abuse. Fill in the information, and click Submit.

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