Who can view the items uploaded in Memories for living people?

Before you share any memories about living people, you should understand that all memories—even those with living people in them—are publicly viewable by default and potentially findable:

  • They can be shared through linking, social media, and e-mail.
  • They can be found through a topic tag search in FamilySearch Memories.
  • They may be found using Google and other search engines.

In the future, memories may be findable in even more ways. Please see our Submission Agreement before adding memories to FamilySearch.

Note: Individual memories can be made private on the individual memory page. Groups of memories can be made private in the Memories gallery.

Tag names

If a tag is attached to a living person in Family Tree, the tag is shown only to users who can see that living person in Family Tree. If, however, the tag contains the name of a living person, but the tag is not attached to that living person in Family Tree, then the tag is visible to everyone who sees the memory.


If you have an album that contains memories about both living and deceased people, anyone who finds any memory in that album can navigate and discover all the other memories in that album. Other users can also add memories you upload to an album they create.

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