How do I search the photos, stories, documents, and audio files in Memories?

Before you start

The Find feature allows you to search for photos, stories, documents, and audio files about a specific ancestor. Here are some search tips:

  • Search for words that might be in the title or the description of a photo, document, or audio file.
  • Search for words that might be a topic tag.
  • Search for words that might be in the title or first 250 characters of a story.
  • You only get results for a name if the name is in the title or the description of a memory. If you know the name of an ancestor, find him or her in Family Tree, and display his or her memories.

Some memory items do not show in search results: 

  • Memories with no person tags
  • Memories with only unlinked person tags
  • Links to living people in the Family Tree, even if a memory associated with the person is displayed.

Steps (website)

  1. Sign in to and click Memories.
  2. Click Find.
  3. Click to select what you want to search.
    • Search Text searches the titles and descriptions.
    • Search Topic Tags searches up to 5 topic tags.
  4. Type your search words in the box. (The search is not case sensitive.) If you type a term the system does not find, the message “No topics found” appears immediately below the field.
  5. Click Search.
  6. To filter this set of search results further, refine your search using the options in the left panel. If you searched using topic tags, click Search Only My Close Relatives to limit the search results your own family lines.

Steps (mobile app)

  1. Open the FamilySearch Memories app on your mobile device.
  2. Tap Find.
    1. For iOS device, Find is a magnifying glass icon along the bottom.
    2. For Android device, in the top-left, tap the 3 lines and then Find.
  3. Tap Text or Topic Tag.
  4. Enter search terms and tap the magnifying glass icon.

Steps (Family Tree Lite)

Family Tree Lite does not display or search memories.

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