How do I use FamilySearch memories to preserve my ancestors' life stories?

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Your memories can live forever on FamilySearch

FamilySearch Memories helps you preserve the photos, stories, documents, and audio file recordings about your ancestors. You can use memories on the FamilySearch website and in the FamilySearch mobile apps. 

Steps (website)

  1. Sign in to FamilySearch and click Memories.
  2. Click Overview, Gallery, People, or Find
    • To learn more about FamilySearch memories, click Overview.
    • Gallery allows you to see and work with all the memory items you uploaded to FamilySearch:
      • Upload new photos, documents, and audio files.
      • Add stories about your ancestors.
      • Annotate your memories with titles, descriptions, and events.
      • Add tags that connect memories to people in Family Tree.
      • Listen to audio files that you uploaded.
      • Organize your memories into albums.
      • Archive memories
      • Bookmark favorite memories
      • Delete memories.
    • People groups memories for people into albums. You can see memories that you added as well as items other users added.
    • To search for people, places, events, or document types, click Find.

Steps (Memories mobile app)

The FamilySearch Memories app displays memories that you added and allows you to add new items.

  • At the top, tap an icon to see only photos, documents, stories, or audio files.
  • At the bottom, click the + and upload new memory items.
  • View the memories you uploaded.
  • Tap a memory. You can add titles, tags, and comments.
  • Add audio files about a photo.
  • Edit a story.
  • Add details such as dates and places.
  • Mark a memory item as public or private.
  • Add an item to an album.
  • Move an item to Archive.
  • Delete the memory item.
  • Report abuse
  • Share the memory

Open the menu: 3 lines at the bottom of Apple iOS devices; top of Android devices. On larger screens, some options appear in the lower banner.

  • Tap Albums and organize your memories into albums.
  • To search for a memory item, at the bottom, tap Find.
  • See your archived and recently deleted items.

Steps (Family Tree mobile app)

In the Family Tree mobile app, you can see the memories about your ancestors.

  1. Navigate to the details about an ancestor.
  2. Under the dark banner, tap Memories.
    1. At the top, tap an icon to see only photos, stories, documents, or audio files.
    2. At the bottom, tap the + and add a memory for the person.
    3. To edit a memory item, tap the memory.
    4. Use the icons as you add tags, topics, stories, or audio files to the memory item. Small screens only include icons for adding tags and identifying people in the memory.
    5. At the top, the 3 dots icon gives you more options:
      1. Rotate right.
      2. Delete
      3. Report abuse
      4. View Details
      5. Small screen: Record a Memory, Comments, Download (on Android).
    6. Share your memory with others
      1. Apple iOS: tap the icon in the lower left
      2. Android: tap the 3 dots and then Share

Steps (Family Tree Lite)

Family Tree Lite does not support the Memories feature.

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