What rules apply to uploading memories to FamilySearch.org?

FamilySearch provides an easy method for you to share photos of ancestors to help the family come to know and love one another. We screen all images that you upload. See our Upload Guidelines and Policies for more information.

As you decide what to upload as a photo or document, keep these things in mind:

  • Appropriate: Photos should support appropriate standards of modesty and virtue. Photos cannot show kissing or people about to kiss on the mouth.
  • Relevant: Items should support a family history purpose.
  • Heart-turning: Items should help people know and love their ancestors.
  • Noncommercial: Items should not advertise or promote products or infringe on intellectual property rights.
  • Privacy: Use caution when including photos or documents about living people.

When you create or upload a story, check for any inappropriate words. Here are some kinds of words to avoid:

  • Vulgarity and profanity.
  • Politically incorrect names.
  • Expressions of hatred or discrimination.
  • Words demeaning or desecrating religious beliefs.
  • Other words or expressions considered to be inappropriate.

When a photo or document image is inappropriate, FamilySearch marks the memory item as "Restricted" and sends you an email message. If you believe that this restriction is an error, reply to the email message you received, and provide an explanation. Your reply goes directly to the team that reviewed and screened your memory item.
People who repeatedly upload inappropriate images or stories can have rights to upload items to Memories revoked.

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