What are private memories?

Private memories are photos, stories, documents, or audio files that a contributor has chosen to make private.

By default, the memories you add to FamilySearch are publicly viewable. You can change that setting and make any memory you have added private

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a memory private?
Individual memories can be made private on the individual memory page. Groups of memories can be made private in the Memories gallery.

Are private memories really private?
Yes. Private memories are viewable only by the contributor who changed the view setting to “Private.”

Does the Find feature in Memories find private memories?
No. Once a memory is marked as private, it won’t show up in search results.

Is it OK to add memories about living people?
Yes, but be sure anything you contribute pertains to your immediate family or that you have permission from others to share their living photos and stories. (See Submission Agreement.) Contributing your own life story is important because no one can tell it better than you. It is one of the greatest gifts you can leave for others.

Can I share my private photos with other family members?
No. Only public photos can be shared at this time.

Should I go through and set all my memories to “Private”?
Memories provides a place for people to share and preserve important family memories. To fulfill that purpose, most memory items should remain public. The private option is for memories that may contain sensitive information or information about living people that you feel should not be public.

How do I make a memory private?
Can I add memories about my living relatives to Family Tree?
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