What is the purpose of FamilySearch and Family Tree?

The overall purpose of Family Tree is to help you discover your family and, in turn, discover a bit about yourself.

  • Family Tree is different from other similar genealogy sites in that it is a single, public tree linked together in families, rather than a site that only allows users to create and manage their own private trees. This distinction means that everyone works together on the same data, allowing for the potential to connect every member of the human family.
  • Family Tree compares records and sources in order to help you resolve mistakes or duplication in records. It also provides messaging and collaboration tools, as well as free expert phone support, to help you resolve errors.
  • Family Tree draws from FamilySearch's enormous database to provide record hints. This makes it easier to link you and your ancestors to earlier generations.
  • The Memories section can help foster deeper connections to ancestors. It provides a place where you can preserve and share photos and histories.
  • We want Family Tree to be accessible to as many people as possible. You can view it through a variety of means, including on mobile devices, with the Family Tree and Memories apps, or in areas with low bandwidth, with the Family Tree Lite website.

Our hope is that through Family Tree, we can work together to create the best-sourced, public genealogical family tree in the world and allow family members to connect both in the past as well as the present.
To learn more about FamilySearch, or if you need help, visit FamilySearch.org/about.

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