How does Family Tree protect the privacy of living people?

Family Tree protects the privacy of living people by putting their records in the contributor's private space and restricting who can see the private space.

Note: Although Family Tree records for living people are private, the memories attached to them are potentially viewable by anyone, whether or not they are registered users. If you upload memories about living people, you may want to consider making them private.

What are private spaces?

A private space is a location in Family Tree that only you have access to. It helps you manage information about the living people within your family while maintaining privacy and protection of sensitive information.

Who has a private space?

Each user of Family Tree has a private space. All records of living people added within a private space remain attached to the contributor's account, even upon the account holder's death.

Who can see the records in my private space?

Other users cannot see the records in your private space. The people in your private space do not come up in search results when other users use the Family Tree find feature.

With your permission, someone else can sign in to Family Tree as your helper and see your private space and the rest of your family lines.

How do I know if a person is in my private space?

A record in your private space contains a yellow banner across the top of the Person page. In multiple places, the word "Living" appears instead of a death date or the word "Deceased."

How do I put records into my private space?

The records get added to your private space in several ways:

  • You add a person to Family Tree and select the Living option.
  • You transfer a record of a living person from a database that you manage in a a third-party program.

If you are a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, your private space may contain living relatives whose information was copied from your Church membership record.

How do records in my private space become public?

In most cases, the person's record becomes public after you add a death date to it. The Family Tree does not compute the likelihood that a person in a private space is alive, even if the information on the record shows that the person was born more than 110 years ago.

Are private memories the same thing as private spaces?

Private Memories are not associated with private spaces. Attaching a memory to a person in a private space does not make a memory private. Conversely, adding death information to a person in Family Tree makes the person's Family Tree profile public, but all private memories attached to that person remain private.

Can multiple contributors enter the same living person into their living space?

Multiple users can enter a record for the same living person into their private space. Each record has a different ID number.

Changing a record in your private space does not change the same person's record in another user's private space.

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