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During the October 2021 general conference, President Russell M. Nelson reminded members that as part of the ongoing Restoration, the methods associated with the Lord’s work can change as “inspired direction comes to those who preside at a given time.”

In a recent update, personal temple reservation lists were given a limit of 300 reservations. This update encourages members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with large lists to share the names they cannot complete in a timely manner so the necessary ordinances can be performed. Read the full announcement.

The questions and answers below explain how this change helps Latter-day Saints work together in gathering Israel, how your reservation list may be affected, how to share family names with others, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why has a reservation limit been put in place?
What counts toward the reservation limit?
What happens if my reservation list is already over the limit?
Will my ordinance reservations expire during the COVID-19 outbreak?
How will I know if my reservation list reaches the limit?
What happens when I reach the reservation limit?
How do I share family names with others or with the temple?
Does sharing family names with the temple count toward my limit?
Does sharing names with a family group count toward my limit?
How does sharing family names with a relative or another Church member count toward my limit?
If I share family names with the temple, will they take a long time to be completed?
I prefer to share printed family name cards with family members. Can I get an exception to the reservation limit?
If I’ve shared the reservations for certain ordinances for an ancestor but kept others, how will the ordinances I have kept count toward the limit?
What happens if I share a family name with others by email or messaging, but it exceeds a recipient’s limit?
If I use another program to reserve ordinances, is there still a limit?
After I reach the limit, how to do I keep track of family names that I might want to reserve later?
Why is the temple keeping my family name card after I complete an ordinance for an ancestor?  

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