Searching Historical Records Help

In many cases, you can correct indexing errors in historical records.
Learn field-specific search tips and advanced techniques for searching our indexed historical records collections.
Use the Catalog to see if we have books, online images, microfilms, or other information to help with your family history and genealogy research.
Whether you are struggling to read old handwriting or working in an unfamiliar language, we have resources to help you! Using the tips and tricks shown below, you’ll be a pro in no time.
Learn common reasons why you are unable to correct a transcription error that you find.
Copy the information from your GEDCOM file into Family Tree.
Learn about access restrictions and how to identify them.
Use the source linker to attach the historical records you find on FamilySearch to a person in Family Tree.
You can see a list of all record collections on FamilySearch. You can filter the list by title, place, date, and collection.
If you know where your ancestor lived, you can search historical records by place or select the place from a world map.
You can request to remove a name from Historical Records--your own or someone for whom you act as legal guardian.
If the microfilm that you need is not online, check back from time to time.
Learn why we remove books from the FamilySearch Digital Library, and possible solutions.