Can I request to remove the name of a living person from Historical Records?

FamilySearch respects the privacy rights of individuals and strives to adhere to all applicable laws. FamilySearch publishes copies of records only after we get permission from the original record custodian. We faithfully abide by the stipulated conditions.

You can request that FamilySearch make a record about yourself or a person for whom you act as legal guardian inaccessible.


  1. On, find the record of the living person.
  2. Copy the URL. We use the URL to distinguish between your data and similar data within FamilySearch’s sizeable database.
  3. Contact FamilySearch.

Be prepared to provide details:

  • How you are related to the person.
  • The URL of the record page on

What to expect

  • The indexed information on the record details screen disappears as soon as we remove the record. If you go to the URL, you see a "Record Removed" message.
  • You could continue to see your name in search results for several days or weeks. Due to recent changes in search algorithms and processes, we are experiencing a lag in removing the names from search results. If you see your name in the search results, click the paper icon to look at the record details. If you see the "Record Removed" message, be assured that we have removed the record from FamilySearch. In time, your name will no longer show in the search results.
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