Who can see my living relatives in Family Tree?

Family Tree protects the privacy of living people by restricting who can see their records. You can see the record of a living person only if you created the record. The system hides records you create of living people from everyone else, including the people themselves and other family members.

Note: Although Family Tree records for living people are personal, the memories attached to them are potentially viewable by anyone, whether or not they are registered users.

Identifying records of living people in Family Tree

Living people have a Private Person banner at the top of their Person page. In places where a death date would appear for a deceased person, the word "Living" appears instead.

If a person is not manually marked living, the system uses rules to determine whether a person could still be living. 

Church membership records

If you are a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, you may see living relatives whose information came from your Church membership record.

Finding living people in Family Tree

The Find feature does not bring up a living person in a search by name or by ID number. The only exception is for when you use an ID number to search for a living-person record that you have created. If you do not know the ID number for a living person, you added to Family Tree, here are a couple of options to find him or her:

  • If you know where to find the person in the tree, navigate to the person.
  • Search for a close deceased relative in the tree. Then navigate to the person you want to find.

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