How does Family Tree determine whether a person is living or deceased?

FamilySearch considers a person to still be living if both of these situations apply:

  • The person was born 110 or fewer years ago, married 95 or fewer years ago, or had a child born 95 or fewer years ago.
  • The record contains no death information.

FamilySearch does not automatically mark an individual as deceased when the first rule no longer applies. Before adding Deceased to a record, see if you can verify the person's death and if you can provide a source.

Note: If you enter any text in the fields for death or burial, the system assumes the person is deceased.

Consider the standards below as you decide whether to mark an individual as Deceased

  • Verify the person's death, and provide a source.
  • If you do not find information on a record for a person, such as a census record, do not assume the person is deceased. Until you find a death record, the person is considered living unless he or she was born more than 110 years ago or married more than 95 years ago.

How do I change the status from deceased to living in Family Tree?
How do I change a status from living to deceased in Family Tree?

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