I can't submit the indexing batch I completed

Learn what to do when you cannot submit a batch of images that you have just indexed. Here are some possible solutions: 

  • Check to see that you are connected to the internet. ​If the Submit option is grayed out, you may have lost your connection. 
  • If the batch is being shared, check to see that someone else hasn't already submitted it. 
  • Verify the correct number of lines in the data entry area and that all of the records in the batch have been entered.
  • Make sure that the batch is completely indexed with all of the required fields completed. Be on the lookout for any additional lines that were accidentally added and need to be deleted. 
  • Click the Quality Check tab at the top left of the screen to verify that no color-shaded entries need to be checked. 

If you are still unable to submit, try closing the FamilySearch indexing program, reopening the batch, and submitting again. Security software (such as antivirus, internet security, antispyware, and similar software) might be blocking access to the FamilySearch indexing server. 

If you are unable to resolve the problem, please contact FamilySearch so that we can help you. 

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