How do I share an indexing batch with someone?

When you need help with a batch, you can share it with another indexer. This person can then see details of the batch and give you the help you need, but any information the helper enters into the data entry area will not be saved.
Note: The add and delete icons will not work when the helper is viewing the shared batch.


  1. Just above the toolbar, click Help.
  2. On the drop-down menu, click Share Batch.
  3. The Share Batch window opens, giving you two options:
    • Copy the batch link, and paste it in an email to the helper or post it on the Share Batch, Etc. page on Facebook. The helper can click the link and go directly to the batch.
    • Share the batch code so the helper can enter it in the indexing tool and open the batch.
  • A second way to find the batch code is by clicking Batch, then About Batch. The Batch ID is the same as the code.

The Share Batch link or code is not related to the film or image number. Instead, it is a unique number assigned to the batch for the sole purpose of sharing the batch.

By agreement with record holders, some projects can be worked on only by certain groups of indexers. If the person helping you cannot view a shared batch, it probably means that you and the person helping you do not have access to the same projects. You may have to get help from someone else or contact FamilySearch Support instead.

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