What can I do with a shared indexing batch?

You can help use the Share Batch feature to help an indexer who has a question about a batch. The indexer gives you a code or URL that allows you to see what he or she is seeing.

You can help in the following ways:  

  • Navigate the images.
  • View the image gallery.
  • See the lookup list for the different fields. 
  • Review the field helps and project instructions.
  • Run a quality check to see if the required fields have information entered in them. Any issues found by the viewer must be corrected or changed by the indexer.

 Remember these important tips as you use the share batch feature to help someone else:

  • You can make changes to the screens, but only the indexer can save or submit the changes.
  • You see the most recently saved version of the batch.
  • Some indexers have reported that the share batch function works best using Chrome or Firefox browsers.


If you are indexing at the time you receive a request to help on a batch, do the following:

  1. Click the Help tab.
  2. Click Open Shared Batch.
  3. Type the code given by the indexer.
  4. Click Open. The batch shared with you will open, and the batch you are currently working on will close. 

 If you are not indexing at the time you receive the help request, do one of the following:

  • In the My Batches panel:
    1. Click the Gear icon next to My Batches.
    2. From the drop-down list, click Open Shared Batch.
    3. In the pop-up window, type the code, and click Open.
  • If the request for help came in an email, open the email, and click the link.

 Note: By agreement with record holders, some projects are to be worked on only by certain groups of indexers. If you cannot view a shared batch, it probably means that you and the indexer do not have access to the same projects. Have the person you are attempting to help Visit the FamilySearch Community and selecting FamilySearch Help, and Indexing.

How do I share an indexing batch with someone?

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