What types of online help are available while I index?

There are multiple ways to get help with indexing. 

Online helps

You may be able to quickly get started indexing or find an answer to your question using these online resources:

  • The guided tour.
  • Keyboard shortcuts. While indexing, click Help, and then Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • Project Instructions. These appear on the screen whenever you begin a new project. To re-open them, click Help, and then Project Instructions.
  • Field helps. While you are typing in a field, a purple purple circle with a question mark appears. Click it to see help about how to enter information into that field. 
  • Handwriting helps.
  • Help Resources page. This page includes an easy way to search our knowledgebase for answer to your indexing questions.
  • Labs. View the list of current issues and new features as they are being developed. While indexing, click Help, and then click Labs.

Help from other people

You can also receive personalized help from other people:

  • Share a batch with someone if you are having trouble. 
  • Join an indexing group. Indexing groups can be a valuable way of receiving help about specific records, languages, or places. 
  • Join the FamilySearch Community Indexing Chat. This is a great forum for asking questions, making comments, and sharing batches with other indexers.
  • Contact FamilySearch Support.

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