How do I index records with indexes?

An image may contain other information, such as an index. An index is an image that includes only names and page numbers or other reference information.

Determine whether there is vital information that needs to be indexed.

  • If an index includes only names and page numbers, it is usually not indexed because that information is included elsewhere in the project.
  • If an index includes names, dates, and places, it is usually indexed. For a marriage index to be indexed, it should include the name of the groom, the name of the bride, and the event date.
  • If an image has a list of names and you aren't sure whether those names are included elsewhere, it should be indexed. Any missing required fields should be marked blank.


  1. Check the project instructions to see if there are guidelines on how to handle images with other information. The instructions may list specific types of images and may indicate whether you should index those images.
  2. If you determine that this is an image that does not contain information to be indexed, then do the following:
    1. In the Image Type field, select No Extractable Data Image.
    2. On the warning message, click Yes.
    3. Finish indexing other images, if any.
    4. Submit the batch.

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