Where do I find the indexing project instructions?

Indexing project instructions are instructions that are specific to a particular project. Become familiar with the project instructions before starting to index. The instructions explain what the documents look like, organization of the documents, and how to index fields. The instructions are critical to the accuracy and usability of an index. Do not assume that projects similar to previous projects have the same indexing instructions.


  1. When you open a project for the first time, the project instructions display in a box with a purple header.
  2. (Optional) Move the box around the image to leave it open but out of the way.
  3. (Optional) Resize the box using the hash marks in the bottom-right corner.
  4. The project instructions do not display every time you open a batch from the same project. To view them again, use one of these options:
    • Click Help and then Project Instructions.
    • Use the icon in the toolbar immediately above the image.
    • Use this keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+P 

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