How do I begin indexing on FamilySearch?

Thank you for your willingness to try indexing. To begin, click the Get Involved tab at the top of most FamilySearch webpages. From the drop-down menu, click Web Indexing.


  1. Sign in to
  2. From the FamilySearch homepage, click Get Involved.
  3. Click Indexing.
  4. Go through the guided tour:
    1. In the My Batches list, click Guided Tour—Introduction to Indexing. Note: This option will disappear after you have indexed 4 batches, but you can still find a link to the guided tour. Hover the mouse pointer over the Get Involved tab. then, in the drop-down menu, clicking Overview.
    2. To complete the guided tour, follow the instructions on the screen.
  5. Find a batch you want to work on. 
    1. Click Find a Project.
    2. In the panel on the left, you can select the difficulty level, language, and other preferences; then click Search.
    3. If you want to sort the list of batches, click the Sort By button above the list.
    4. When you find a batch you want to work on, click the Index button.
  6. Read the project instructions and field helps.
  7. Examine the image carefully, and, in the data entry area, type the requested information.

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