Experiencing World Cuisines and Your Food Heritage


World cuisines are one of the best ways to connect with others and to experience world cultures. Traditional food opens a window into the lifestyle of any given place. It tells a story of the people who lived there, its climate, the local flora and fauna, and the economy—just to name a few. 

Local ingredients and cooking techniques create a unique food profile distinctive to each area. Taking it even further, the customs around actually eatingthe food are integral to the culture. 

As Travlinmad puts it, “That's the beauty of it. In Italy, food is life. Food is love.” The best part? It’s true no matter where you are or where you go.

Embrace Your Food Heritage

Food can be a powerful connector. It involves all the senses, provides a gathering time for families, and carries the history and love of togetherness with it.

The foods you eat also say a lot about you and your cultural heritage. But did you know that they might also hint at your ancestry? 

a woman makes a type of world cuisine bread.

You may have cooking techniques that have been passed down in your family for generations. Or you could be making the same traditional foods as your ancestors. Perhaps you’re experimenting with cooking for the first time.

Whatever the case, food is an important part of your personal story. Share your family recipes or favorite cooking tips with your family, or save them for yourself.

Experience World Cuisines through International Recipes

Experience exciting world cuisines right in your kitchen with these international recipes. From Swedish meatballs to Brazilian pork and beans, these foods are some of the best the world has to offer.

Brazilian Recipes

Famous for its meats, rice, beans, and much more

Finnish Recipes

Wild berries and local grains at its heart

Norwegian Recipes

Raw ingredients and local wilderness

Danish Recipes

Home of stewed meats and rye bread

Mexican Recipes

The heart of Mexican culture, with corn as its staple

Swedish Recipes

Famous for Swedish meatballs, with much more to offer

English Recipes

Yorkshire pudding, fish and chips, and more

Northern Irish Recipes

Simple spices and hearty cooking

Welsh Recipes

Representative of farm life, with meats, cheese,and vegetables

Enjoy World Cuisines at Home or Abroad

Food is an integral part of every culture. Whether you’re traveling to learn about your cultural heritage or you’re looking for ways at home to experience a new culture,be sure to make food part of the journey. Push yourself to try new foods—they may help you understand your heritage a little better! 

Share your experiences and favorite foods to keep your family’s memories alive, and inspire others to do the same.

You can learn where your family comes from in the Where Am I From? experience on FamilySearch. In this experience, you can even discover food recipes from the countries your family is from. To learn more about this experience and how to find those recipes, check out the video from RootsTech below.

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