Which DNA test options are available?

You have many options in choosing a DNA testing company. Each company offers a different experience and focus. Your choice depends on what you want to learn. The following DNA companies include "cousin matches" to help you explore your ancestry and create family connections.


Tests autosomal DNA collected by spitting into a tube. 23andMe has ethnicity tools, cousin matches, and health data. www.23andme.com

Ancestry DNA

Tests autosomal DNA collected by spitting into a tube. Results are tied to your Ancestry.com account and family trees. AncestryDNA provides ethnicity results, cousin matches, migration groups, and ancestor groups. dna.ancestry.com

FamilyTree DNA

Provides kits for testing yDNA (for patrilineal research), mtDNA (for matrilineal research), and autosomal DNA (called Family Finder). DNA is collected by scraping your cheek. FamilyTreeDNA provides cousin matches and a chromosome browser. www.familytreedna.com


Living DNA provides ethnicity estimates, including an advanced sub-region breakdown of genetic origins in the British Isles. The Living DNA family matching system, Family Networks, connects you with relatives with whom you share DNA. Results include autosomal DNA, yDNA, and mtDNA collected with a cheek swab. www.livingdna.com


Tests autosomal DNA collected by scraping your cheek. MyHeritage provides ethnicity results and cousin matches. www.myheritage.com/dna

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