Why is login recovery not available for my account?

If you receive the error, "Online Username or Password recovery is not available for this account," you most likely did not verify your email address when you created your account. Or you might have accidentally entered an incorrect email address when setting up your account. 

If you can sign in to FamilySearch, check the email that is listed in your account settings and make sure that it is correct. Then request that the verification email be resent:

  1. Go to the Resend Verification Email page.
  2. Enter your username, and then click Resend Verification Email.

 After this, you should receive an email from FamilySearch Account or Church Account. Open it, and select the verification link to activate your account. Be sure to check all email folders for the verification email, including your spam folder. 
If you do not receive the verification email, or cannot sign in to your account, feel free to contact us for help. 

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