How do I use the catalog to learn more about the collections in Historical Records?

Historical records collections on FamilySearch can come from one of these kinds of sources:

  • Digitized microfilms.
  • Images we captured as digital images only. No microfilm copy exists.

When the online collection is from digitized microfilm, the collection often comes from multiple films of similar content. When you browse images in a collection, you see information about the event and range of years for the records. 

If you do not find what you expect in the Record Collections or want to learn what more is available, you can search the catalog. Here are some search types to help you find the right catalog entry:

  • If you see a film number as you browse images, search by the film number.
  • If you do not see a microfilm number in the scanned images, search by the place or by keywords that you see in the collection title.

After you search, scroll to the Film/Digital Notes section to find details regarding the kinds of records and date ranges for each microfilm number in a record set.

Find records not included in Record Collections

The catalog can also help you see if other microfilms include records that are not in the Historical Records Collections. After you search, if you see a camera icon in the Film/Digital Notes, you can click it to browse digital images. If you see a camera icon with a key over it, the digitized images have some restrictions on viewing. Click it to view the restrictions. 

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