Can I remove a photo, story, document, or audio file from Memories?

When you contribute a memory (photo, document story, or audio file) to FamilySearch, you can delete it using either the FamilySearch website or the Memories mobile app.

After you delete a memory, the following changes occur:

  • The memory no longer appears in FamilySearch Memories.
  • The system removes the memory from the person page of any people to which the item is attached. 
  • If you delete a photo that is also a person's portrait in Family Tree, the portrait remains. If you no longer want that photo to appear at all, you must change or remove the portrait.

If your gallery is simply too full for you to manage effectively, you should archive it instead of deleting it. This removes the memory from your gallery and also leaves it on the FamilySearch website. 

If you want to leave the item in your Memories but do not want it to appear in Family Tree, remove the tag instead of deleting the memory.

Note: If you did not contribute the memory or place the tag that you think should be deleted, you can contact the person who did using his or her contact information or the FamilySearch messaging service. Include clear and solid reasons with as much supportive information as possible in your request. If the contributor is deceased, or if the person who uploaded the item does not respond to your messages, please contact us to submit a request to have the item removed.

Steps (website)

  1. While signed in on FamilySearch, click Memories.
  2. If you archived the memory, click My Archive.
  3. (Optional) To filter your gallery to one specific type of memory, click the relevant icon:
    • Click the camera icon to see only photos.
    • Click the book icon to see only stories.
    • Click the paper icon to see only documents.
    • Click the microphone icon to see only audio files.
  4. Click the memory that you want to delete.
    • To delete the photo, story, document, or audio file, click Actions, and then click Delete.
    • To delete only the audio file that is attached to a photo, click the Delete option that is next to the options used to play the file.
  5. Confirm that you want to delete the memory by clicking Delete from FamilySearch.

Steps (mobile app)

  1. Open the Memories mobile app.
  2. (Optional) To filter your gallery to one specific type of memory, tap the relevant icon:
    • Tap the photo icon to see only photos.
    • Tap the book icon to see only stories.
    • Tap the paper icon to see only documents.
    • Tap the microphone icon to see only audio files.
  3. If you archived the memory, open your archive:
    • Apple iOS: In the bottom right corner, tap the three dots, followed by Archived.
    • Android: In the top left corner, tap the three lines, followed by Archive.
  4. Tap the three dots or lines located at either the top or bottom of your screen, depending on your phone. 
  5. Tap the memory you would like to delete. 
  6. Tap the three dots or lines again, followed by Delete

Steps (Family Tree Lite)

You cannot use Memories on Family Tree Lite. Please use the Family Tree Memories app or the full version of the FamilySearch website.


When you delete a memory, it is moved to your Recently Deleted folder. It stays there for 120 days. During that period, you can move the memory back to your gallery or archive at any time. After 120 days, however, the memory will be permanently deleted.

If you want the deletion to occur sooner, you can permanently delete the memory.

You can also restore deleted memories before they are permanently deleted.

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