Why do merges fail in Family Tree?

You cannot merge some records in Family Tree. Here are some of the reasons:

  • One record is male, and the other is female.
  • One record is living, and the other deceased.
  • One record is living or confidential and visible only to you, and the other record is also living or confidential and visible only to a different user.
  • One record is a confidential person and visible only to you.
  • One record is read-only.
  • One record is linked to the other as a parent or child.
  • One record was previously merged and has already been deleted.
  • Both records are attached to the same source.
  • After the merge, the surviving record would have too many spouses, parents, children, sources, memories, notes, discussion, or people on the “not a match” list.


  1. See if you can correct the data in Family Tree that caused the merge to fail. If you can, try the merge again.
  2. If you still need help, contact us. Be prepared to provide the following information:
    • The ID number, name, birth date, and birthplace on the records you want to merge. Not all records contain all of this information, so provide as much as you can.
    • Your relationship to the individuals
    • Why you feel the records should be merged.

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