What are read-only records in Family Tree?

Read-only records show a gold banner and allow no additions or changes. The Discussions and Latest Changes features are unavailable. Read-only records often have a notification that the record is confidential.

When we mark records as "read only," it prevents collaboration. Because we encourage collaboration, we do not accept guest requests to mark a record as read-only.

Reporting an error in a read-only record

To report an error in a read-only record or provide additional information, please post your question in the FamilySearch Community. Please include what you would like to change, and the reasons. Do not include any private information, like username, helper number, or email address.

A moderator can move your question to a team who can help. The team contacts you through a private message in Community if they need more information.

How do I ask questions or provide answers in FamilySearch Community?
Private messages in FamilySearch Community

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