What are the benefits of adding sources to Family Tree?

A source is historical material. Examples include a picture, journal, Bible, document, or other item that contains evidence about your family history. Sources are critical to the genealogical process for documentation and discovery. In Family Tree, you can attach sources to people, couple relationships, and parent-child relationships.

Sources provide many benefits:

  • They make it easier for users to work together in Family Tree. Sources can settle or prevent disputes.
  • They add richness to the tree. Information about your ancestors on a record can increase your awareness that your ancestors were real people and that you really are connected to them.
  • They demonstrate the accuracy of the information in the tree.
  • They help you evaluate conflicting information. When you find conflicting information, such as 2 different birth dates for the same person, sources can help determine which one is most likely to contain the correct information. 
  • They acknowledge work done by others. 

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