How do I attach record hints in Family Tree?

Add details to Family Tree and help tell your family story. Sharing your sources so future generations see an accurate story. Record hints in Family Tree help you do both things at once. You can use record hints on the FamilySearch website and in the Family Tree mobile app.

Important notes

  • Please attach all record hints, even if they appear to be duplicates. 
  • Do not mark duplicates as "not a match."

Steps (website)

  1. On the FamilySearch website, find a record hint icon. You can find them in these places:
    • On the home page in the Recommended Tasks list
    • In the Family Tree on the landscape, portrait, or descendancy view
    • On the right side of a Family Tree person page, in the Research Helps
  2. Click a hint and then click Review and Attach.
  3. On the Source Linker page, make sure that the people on the left correctly line up with the people on the right.
    1. On the left side of the screen, find the misaligned person, and determine where he or she should go.
    2. If the children, parents or siblings section is collapsed (not expanded), click the Open link to allow you to move the record to the proper place.
    3. Click the misaligned person’s name, and hold the mouse button down.
    4. Drag the person to the correct place on the screen.
  4. If the wrong spouse or parents displays on the right side of the screen, change to the correct information:
    1. Click All Spouses > or All Parents>.
    2. Click the correct spouse or parents. 
    3. If the historical record identifies a spouse or parents not in Family Tree, click (none of the above).
  5. Determine if the record hint is a good match:
    1. For each person, click the Compare link (paperclip icon) if the section does not automatically open.
    2. Compare the names, dates, relationships, and locations.
    3. Decide whether the record hint on the left is about the person or family on the right. If it is, continue. If it is not, click Not a Match, enter an explanation, and click OK.
  6. If the record hint is a good match, attach it to every person in the Family Tree that it matches:
    1. Return to the focus person, and click the Compare link between the two sides of the screen.
    2. If the record contains details that are missing from Family Tree, click + Add. You cannot replace information that is already in Family Tree with better information from the record. Make those updates manually.
    3. Enter a reason statement.
    4. Click Attach.
    5. Repeat this step for every person on the historical record.
  7. To attach the source to in-laws, grandparents, or other relatives not on the current screen, change the focus person:
    1. On the left side of the screen, click Change.
    2. Click a new focus person.
    3. On the right side of the screen, make sure the same person is selected. If not, click Change on the right side of the screen.
    4. Click the person, or enter the ID number of the person.
    5. Click Change Focus Person.
  8. To see if the actual record contains any additional information, click View Image.
  9. When dates or places are incomplete, you can fix them.
    • Make an appropriate change to display the correct date.
    • Add a detailed note to explain how you choose to enter the date and reference the source.

Steps (mobile app)

Some records open the mobile version of source linker. It works more like the instructions found in the Website section of this article.

  1. In the Family Tree mobile app, find a record hint icon. You can find them in these places:
    • On the Ancestors with Tasks list.
    • With a person’s details, at the top of the screen, above the name.
  2. Tap the record hint icon, then the record you want to compare, and then Compare.
  3. Compare the information on both sides of the screen.
  4. If the information on the left (the document) is not in Family Tree and you want to add it, use one of the following:
    • Add: Tap this to add missing information to Family Tree.
    • Pencil icon: Tap this to edit what is already in Family Tree or to replace what is in Family Tree with what is in the document.
  5. If the document matches the person from the tree, tap Yes, Attach. Otherwise, tap Not a Match.
  6. If the document also contains information about other family members, tap Review Others.
  7. Review each person:
    • If the document is a match but not yet attached to the person, scroll down, and tap Yes, Attach.
    • If the document is not a match, tap Not a Match.
    • If the document is already attached to the correct person, tap Next to go to the next family member.
    • If the document is attached to the wrong person, tap Detach.
  8. When you have reviewed all family members, tap Done.

Steps (Family Tree Lite)

Family Tree Lite does not have record hints.

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