Help with reviewing names

When you review a name, you look at a name that was indexed by a computer and make sure the computer read and recorded the name correctly. If you see a mistake, you fix it.

Is reviewing a name and indexing the same thing?

No. Indexing is transcribing information from historical documents. Reviewing is looking at the data—in this case, a name—and making sure it was indexed correctly.

    Do all of the names need to be reviewed before stopping?

    The computer automatically saves your work. You can quit at any time, and your contributions will be saved.

    What if I make a mistake? Can I change my response?

    If you'd like to change a response, click the Back arrow. With that said, don't let the fear of making a mistake prevent you from reviewing. The computer saves the name that was originally indexed as well as your correction. Both versions of the indexed name can then be used to find the record.

    Do I review names of businesses, places, etc., or only proper names of people?

    No. If the highlighted name is not the name of a person, click Not a person, and continue reviewing.

    What if the name is a note like "Vacant" or "No one is at home"?

    Report it as an error. At the bottom of the page, click Not a person.

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