How do I view all the people in Family Tree I am following?

You can display a list of the ancestors in Family Tree that you are following. Your following list identifies what changes have been made in the last 60 days—or up to 4,000 changes. It can take up to 15 minutes for recent changes to be reflected on this list.

Tip: Use labels to help you remember why you are following someone in Family Tree.

Steps (website)

  1. In Family Tree on the FamilySearch website, click Following.
  2. The number of changes for each person is displayed at the far right. To see each change, click the down arrow.
  3. To find a person on the list, enter the person’s name in the Search field.
  4. To print this list, use your browser's print option.
  5. To view a list of recommended close relatives to follow, click View List in the upper-left corner. This option appears only when Family Tree finds close relatives that you are not following and that you have not dismissed from the list.
  6. By default, the list displays all changes made to that person in the same entry. To view each change chronologically, follow these steps:
    1. Click Options.
    2. Click All Changes. Entries are displayed with the most recent changes first.
    3. To switch back, click Options again, and click Person.
  7. To hide your own changes, click My Changes to deselect it. Click it again to show your own changes.
  8. To remember why you followed the person, add a label:
    1. Click the three vertical dots or People I Am Following.
    2. Click Add Label.
    3. Select a pre-defined label, or create a custom one.
    4. Click Save Label.

Steps (mobile app)

The Family Tree mobile app cannot display a list of the people you are following. Please use the website instead. 

Steps (Family Tree Lite)

FamilySearch Lite cannot display a list of the people you are following. Please use the website instead. 

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