How do I preorder films at the FamilySearch Library?

Even though all of the films at the Vault were digitized, we still honor the contracts made with the owners of those records. We are only custodians of these copies. The original owning institutions decide the access level for the films we house. We cannot release copyright or contract-protected material on the Internet to the world. FamilySearch and FamilySearch centers can see many of the films that are not viewable at home, so that is a great place to start.

As of 2017 we cannot send microfilms from the Granite Mountain Record Vault to locations other than the FamilySearch Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. Some films are only available physically or digitally in the FamilySearch Library. Order the film at least 1 week in advance, and plan to view it at the library. Use this request form:

You can preorder microfilms or microfiche to view at the FamilySearch Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Please note that microfilms or microfiche do not circulate to FamilySearch centers or affiliate libraries. 


  1. Go to the Microfilm/Microfiche Order Form, and fill in the information.
  2. At the bottom of the page, click Submit. Films that show as "Vault" films in the catalog can take up to 1 week to retrieve.

Records Lookup Service

We also offer a records lookup service for those who cannot easily visit the FamilySearch Library. Visit our Library website at, and look under Services to find information on our Records Lookup Service and to request a record or information from a specific film, book, or CD database. You can learn more about this service here: Please keep in mind this is not a research service.

I want to search the microfilms at the FamilySearch Library
Microfilm circulation service has been discontinued

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