What Family Tree features can I use for the living and confidential people in Family Tree?

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For living and confidential people, you can use all Family Tree features except discussions and follow.

  • You can add names, dates, places, sources, family members, and notes to the people in your family tree.
  • You can add a life sketch.
  • You can add memories. (Please be aware that the potential exists that anyone can see those photos, documents, and stories. The person's record is in your family tree, but memories are not private.)
  • You can view your relationship to the person.
  • You can view the change history.
  • You can display the timeline and map.
  • You can merge duplicate records in your family tree. (You cannot merge a record in your family tree with a record about the same person in another user's tree.)
  • You can print fan charts, pedigree charts, and family group records with that person.
  • You can use the Find by ID feature to search for the person. But you cannot find the person using a name search.

How does Family Tree protect the privacy of living people?

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