How do I search FamilySearch partner sites from within Family Tree?

Historical records are found on many websites worldwide. From the FamilySearch Family Tree, you can easily search the historical records that are available on our partners' websites—Ancestry, findmypast, MyHeritage, and Geneanet.

For help finding historical records that are not on one of these sites, please visit the FamilySearch research wiki.

Steps (website)

  1. Sign in to, and click Family Tree.
  2. Open an ancestor's page.
  3. On the far right side of the screen, find the section titled Search Records. It contains a list of partner logos.
  4. Click the logo for the website you want to search.
  5. A warning message appears: "You are leaving FamilySearch to visit one of our partner sites." To continue, click OK.
  6. If you have an account, sign in to the partner site to continue searching for records. If you do not have an account for that site, you can start a free trial or sign up for a paid account.
  7. Search results from the partner site will appear in a new tab at the top of the browser. To return to, click the correct tab.

Steps (mobile app)

  1. In the Family Tree mobile app, display the person page of an ancestor.
  2. In the top right of the person page, tap the 3 dots. In the menu that appears, tap Search Records.
  3. Tap the website that you want to search. For partner sites, you need to sign in to see some records. 
  4. Search results will appear. To return to the app, in the top left part of the screen, tap the 3 lines menu, and tap Pedigree.

Steps (Family Tree Lite)

To use this feature, please visit our website,, and follow the instructions above.

Recommended Next Steps

If you find a relevant historical record on the partner site, you can add it as a source to Family Tree. There are a few ways to do this:

  • If you found the record on MyHeritage and are signed in to your MyHeritage account, you can click Attach source to FamilySearch. It will walk you through the process of attaching the source to Family Tree. (This feature is available only when you start your search from Family Tree, as described in this article.)
  • Use a partner product such as RecordSeek to attach the source. (RecordSeek is a partner product that is available in English only. See the partner site for help and support.)
  • Manually type the source information into Family Tree.

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