This class explains the best Bornholm specific websites for your genealogical research.
This class will introduce the maps and available tools found at and Learn how to view and use historical maps of Czechia and other parts of Europe.
An introduction to the GenTeam website and how to register to use the ree website. This class focuses on how to use the Gazetteer of the Austrian, Czech, Slovak, and Slovenian Republic. This gazetteer can help identify parishes and archives where records are held.
This class explains how jurisdictions within Prague work in relation to research, as well as showing how to navigate the Prague City Archives website online to find records.
This class summarizes the principles taught in the preceding ones and is the end of the class.
This class explains the unique land system that existed on Bornholm and how it differed from the rest of Denmark.
This class covers the history of Bornholm from the 3rd Century until World War II
This class explains the demographics and geography of Bornholm. Demographic information is given from 1654 until the present day.
Welcome to the Denmark Regional Series: Bornholm.
This video will demonstrate the basics of using the Visual Editor tool in the FamilySearch Research Wiki to edit Wiki pages.
Learn how to read Czech death parish registers.
Learn how to read Czech marriage parish registers.
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