DNA Help

Have you heard your friends and family enthuse about DNA but don't know what it's all about? Wondering if a DNA test is right for you? Come learn about DNA, why it's valuable, which tests you can take, and how it might help you in your family history.
You have many options in choosing a DNA testing company. Each company offers a different experience and focus. Your choice depends on what you want to learn. The following DNA companies include "cousin matches" to help you explore your ancestry and create family connections.
Have you taken a DNA test but aren't sure what to do with your results? You can use your DNA data in many ways, depending on what you want to learn and accomplish. Here are some suggested options.
As you learn more about DNA, there may be terminology that is unfamiliar to you, and you may have a few questions. Learn more about unfamiliar terminology, and get answers to common questions below.
May 27, 2020
This segment will cover the basics of DNA.
May 27, 2020
You've taken the DNA test. Now what do you do? Come learn how to use your DNA results to help you find answers to your genealogy research questions. This class will cover cousin matches, adoptions, and brick wall research.
DNA testing has become a big part of genealogy and family history. DNA matches, sometimes referred to as cousin matches, can be the link to overcoming brick walls in family history research, help adoptees find their birth families, and lead to exciting new family history discoveries.