Using DNA in family history research

DNA testing has become a big part of genealogy and family history. DNA matches, sometimes referred to as cousin matches, can be the link to overcoming brick walls in family history research, help adoptees find their birth families, and lead to exciting new family history discoveries.

On, you will find a free, user-friendly resource to provide simple, beginner-level answers to common DNA questions, such as:

  • What is DNA?
  • How can DNA help me find my ancestors?
  • Which DNA test options are available?
  • What should I do after completing a DNA test?

 DNA testing does not replace traditional forms of family history research. Rather, it can complement a well-documented family tree.
Please note that FamilySearch does not endorse or recommend any commercial DNA applications for genetic genealogy. Nor does our Family Tree provide specific features to post or link DNA groups based on DNA matches.

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