Why isn't my photo or document uploaded yet?

The statuses and errors are listed below with a description of each.

For further assistance regarding the status of a photo or document, feel free to contact us.

Status or ErrorDescription
CompletedImage shows as completed after successfully uploading. Refresh the page to see the photos, or click on them to open them in the viewer.
File Previously Uploaded
This can happen when the system recognizes a photo not just by its name but also by its size. It may be necessary to change either the name of the file or the size of the image.
The photo or document is being processed so that it can be viewed on the various pages in Memories and Family Tree. The system creates different versions or thumbnails of the image for use on different pages in different ways.
Processing Failed
There was an error after the photo or document was uploaded and before the thumbnails for the various pages were created. 
The photo or document has been evaluated against policy guidelines and does not meet one or more guidelines.
Screening in ProcessThe photo or document was uploaded but has not yet been approved. If the photo has been tagged, it may appear as a small, white box on some pages. Screening is automated and performed by system software using well designed algorithms; anomalies are reviewed by FamilySearch personnel before the item is available.
Upload FailedThere is a problem with the FamilySearch server where the photos or documents are saved. This can often be solved by refreshing the web page or by uploading the item at a different time.
UploadingThe image shows as uploading for a few seconds during the normal uploading process.
UnprocessedThe photo or document has been uploaded but has not been processed so that it will appear appropriately on all pages in Memories and Family Tree.

Restricted photo or document
How do I upload photos or documents to Memories?

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