How do I find the timeline and map in Family Tree?

In Family Tree, the Time Line section lists this person's information vertically in chronological order. You can also turn an optional map on or off to see your ancestor's life journey on a map.

The time line also shows you the available record hints in the context of the other life events. You can see where the record hint fits in your ancestor's life story and decide if the hint is about your ancestor.

The map lets you see places of significant life events. You can switch the view to a satellite picture, and zoom in to see what a place looks like today.

Timeline Options (website)

Open timeline

  1. In Family Tree on the FamilySearch website, display a person page.
  2. In the menu bar below the person's name, click either one of these two options:
    • The About tab. The time line is on the right side.
    • The Time Line tab, which is to the right of the Memories tab.
  3. Use the mini-side bar to scroll through the timeline.

Customize timeline

  1. On the top right of the timeline box, click Show.
  2. To add or remove features, click in boxes. When the box is filled in, you see that information on the timeline.
    1. Note: The system randomly selects historical events. You can see up to 8 historical events on a timeline.


  1. Beneath the timeline, click View With Map.
  2. Zoom in by using the + and - icons in the top right.
  3. Change the map display by clicking Map, Satellite, or checking the Terrain box in the top left of the map view.

Steps (mobile app)

The Family Tree mobile app does not provide a timeline. But you can see maps of life events for an ancestor.

Steps from a person page

  1. Tap the Details tab.
  2. Tap an event. A map shows the place of the event.

Steps from the menu

  1. Tap the 3 lines (menu) icon. On an Android device, the icon is in the upper left. On an Apple iOS device, the icon is in the lower right.
  2. Tap Map my ancestors.
  3. To see a map for a specific ancestor, tap a name below the map.
  4. To search for and map an ancestor, enter the name in the Search field
    1. On an Apple iOS device, use the search field directly above the list of names. Tap the name in the search results.
    2. On an Android device, tap the magnifying glass icon. Enter a name. Tap the name in the search results.

Steps (Family Tree Lite)

Family Tree Lite does not provide a timeline.

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