What does a reviewer do in indexing?

Review is a process in which one person reviews an indexing batch completed by someone else. Every batch must be reviewed before the collection is published on FamilySearch.

After an indexer completes and submits a batch, another indexer with review rights opens the batch and reviews it carefully. The reviewer ensures that:

  • All images were indexed.
  • All entries on each image were indexed.
  • Project instructions, field helps, and basic indexing guidelines were followed.

 If the reviewer changes a certain number of entries, the batch is sent through review again to help ensure quality and accuracy.
 Note: After you have indexed 1,000 records, you will be given rights to review batches. The permission process may take a day or two after you have indexed 1000 records.

How do I become an indexing reviewer?
How do I review an indexing batch?

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