How do I review an indexing batch?

When you review a batch of indexed records, you verify that the information has been correctly entered. At least one indexer must review every batch. You can begin reviewing after you have indexed 1000 records and have become familiar with project instructions and field helps.

As you gain experience, you might review 5 to 10 batches for every batch that you index. This will minimize the number of batches waiting for review.

If you can tell right away that a batch is going to take significant time to correct, simply send the batch back for reindexing. Click the tab in the top left corner of the screen labeled Batch, followed by Reindex. (If you don’t have time to review the entire batch, click Batch, followed by Return.)

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Steps: Opening a batch to review

  1. Sign in to
  2. From the FamilySearch homepage, click Get Involved.
  3. From the drop-down menu, click Indexing.
  4. Click Find a Project. This is the same filtering box that you use to find a batch of records to index. A button labeled Review becomes available when you have indexed 1000 batches.
  5. Choose a batch to review, and click Review.

Study the project instructions carefully. Look at the examples of documents that should be indexed and documents that should not. When you are ready, you may begin reviewing.

Steps: Reviewing the image

  1. The first question will be, "Should this image be indexed?" If the information in the image is legible, click the checkbox.
    • Carefully examine any image that has been marked with No Extractable Data. If the information on the image is legible, it should be indexed.
  2. If the information in the image is not legible, or if it is a duplicate image, open the drop-down menu and select the appropriate response.
    • A red arrow icon will appear, indicating that you have changed the indexer’s entry. Click the red arrow to undo.
  3. Click Next Image to repeat this process for all of the images in the batch.
  4. Once you have confirmed that the images should be indexed, you are ready to review the data fields associated with each image.

Steps: Reviewing the data fields

  1. If the information in a particular data field is accurate, click the checkbox at the end of the field.
    • You can also press Tab or Enter. A green check mark will appear indicating that you have confirmed the information is correct.
    • You can also visually review each field, then click the checkbox at the bottom of the column labeled I've verified every field.
  2. If the information in the data field is not correct, delete it, and enter the correct information. Then click Tab.
    • Before fixing what you think is a mistake, consider the possibility that the indexer is correct. Check the field helps, project instructions, and basic guidelines for any insights or explanations that you might have missed. Make sure that you are looking at everything on the image and not just a small section of it.
  3. Continue reviewing all of the information in the data entry area.
    • If the indexer missed an entry, be sure to add new entries and index the missing information.
    • If the indexer added an entry that should not have been indexed, delete the entry.

Steps: Submitting the batch

  1. At the bottom of the data entry area is a question: “Do you see any more information on this image to index?”
    • If you see more information that can be indexed, click Yes: Create Entry 2. Use the new data fields to enter the additional information. Otherwise, click No: Next Image.
  2. Continue reviewing until all of the images in the batch have been reviewed. At that point, you will no longer see the option to view the next image.
  3. At the bottom of the entry area, click Submit Batch.

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