What are the icons on the FamilySearch Digital Library book viewer?

When you are viewing a book in the FamilySearch Digital Library, the toolbar provides several options. 

Rotate Books
Nancy Tychonievich
RotateRotate the image. Each click rotates the book image a quarter turn to the right.
Rotate left
Nancy Tychonievich
RotateRotate the image. Each click rotates the image a quarter turn to the left
Adjust the Contrast.JPG
Adjust the ContrastTo make the image lighter or darker, move the slider.
ReverseEach click changes the image to white print-on-black or black print-on-white.
Show/Hide Information Boxes
Show/Hide Information BoxesClick to show or hide a small information box. The box shows how far you are into the book. Icons along the top allow you to search, show bookmarks, show text, print or download, and share. Click the letter "i" in a circle and open additional information about the book
Optimized Zoom.JPG
Optimized ZoomReturns the zoom level to one optimized for your computer screen.
Zoom Controls.JPG
Zoom Out, Zoom InTo zoom out, click
To zoom in, click +
ThumbnailsClick to view the book pages in miniature in a grid. Scroll through the thumbnails. To enlarge a page, double-click an image.
FlippingClick to view the pages like an open book. As you click to advance the pages, you see it as pages turning in an open book.
PictureShows the image of a single page.
View Information.JPG
View InformationClick to see information about the book to the right of the image.
SearchClick the icon. Enter search terms and search the contents of the book.
Show text.JPG
Show textView text in the book.
Print or Download Files
Print or Download FilesAfter you click, choose the format. Choose whether you want the entire book or just a page. Click Download. After you download a file, you can print it.
ShareClick to share through social media or email. Alternatively, copy the link and share the link.

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