How do I find a digitized book in the FamilySearch Digital Library?

FamilySearch provides access to digitized genealogy and family history books from libraries around the world. Books include biographies, family histories, local histories, and directories.

When you search the FamilySearch Digital Library, the system looks for your search terms in the description of the book. The search also looks for your terms in the full text of the book.

On average, we add 40,000 new books each year. Return often to see if something we added can help you. The digital library is available only on the full FamilySearch website.

Steps—general search (website)

  1. Sign in to FamilySearch.
  2. In the menu bar at the top of the screen, click Search and then Books.
  3. In the search field, enter search terms, and click Search.
  4. On the search results page, use the left panel to filter the results.
    1. Change your search terms and click Update.
    2. Click the toggle to use an Advanced Search.
    3. Limit results by Creator, Subject, Language, Owning Institution, or Access Level
  5. On the right panel, choose how you prefer to see your search results.
    1. List view shows books in a list and shows full information about each title.
    2. Grid view arranges book covers in a grid, with less information about each title.
  6. On the right panel, use the arrows and page through the results.

You can activate an advanced search option.

  1. Above the Keyword search box, and to the right, click the toggle switch.
  2. Enter search terms in any of the fields you want to use.
  3. Between fields, click And to see other choices regarding how to combine search terms.
  4. If you want to add more search options, below the search fields, click Add Element.
  5. Click Search.

Search Tips

Below the search field, click View Search Tips. Learn how to search for exact phrases. Find out about wildcards and boolean searching.

To learn more, click More about searching.

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