What are the different data entry methods for indexing?

Several data entry methods are available when you index. To see the options, open a batch and click Data Entry in the top left corner.

Not all data entry methods are available on all projects. If a project includes multiple entry types (such as birth, death, marriage, and so forth) then only Form Entry is available.

The different methods are:

  • Form Entry. This is the default data entry method and is available for all projects.
  • Table Entry. This displays all data entry lines for an image at the same time.
  • Column Entry. This allows you to enter information in one column at a time. This option works best when the image includes multiple records that are laid out in columns, such as in registers, censuses, and so forth. This method makes it easy to copy repeated column information into all the fields at once.
  • Row Entry. This allows you to see one row at a time. It works well when you are indexing on a smaller screen and may need more space for the image.

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