How do I report changes or problems made by other contributors?

The goal of Family Tree is to help bring families together by creating the best-sourced, public genealogical Family Tree in the world. To reach the goal requires collaboration and, as a result, means dealing with errors.

When you come across inconsistencies, keep in mind that inadvertent errors in dates, names, sources, relationships, and other items are not considered abuse. Another contributor could be using different data sources. Feel free to make corrections and provide the best sourced information. Here are things you can do:

  • Correct errors by working with other contributors.
  • Use the Discussions feature to post research information for other collaborators.
  • Use the Watch feature to notify you when any changes are made to a record.
  • See the articles linked at the bottom for more detailed instructions on how to perform these tasks. 

 If you have questions about errors in records that you are unable to resolve, contact FamilySearch Support.

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