How do I fix a merge that has information from multiple people in Family Tree?

You can find it tedious to correct inaccurate records. FamilySearch includes a process to unmerge or restore a person in Family Tree. This enables you to fix incorrectly or inadvertently merged records. 

For detailed steps on how to perform this and the following suggestions, see the articles linked at the bottom.

Here are some tips for resolving records that contain information about multiple people.

Clues to bad merges in Tree

  • The Other Information section of the Details page for a person contains many alternate names, some of which are completely different from the actual name of the person.
  • The Family Members section contains spouses, children, and parents that do not belong to that person. 
  • Latest Changes show that someone deleted alternate names.
  • Look for discussions for the ancestor.
  • The sources or memories seem to be about different people with the same or similar names.

Fixing the records

  1. Identify all pertinent facts to understand the scope of the problem.
    • Research and gather as much information as possible for each person.
    • Identify what information belongs to the person represented in your family tree and what you should move to another record. It is better to do the research and not guess. Your research gives you sources to add to validate the changes.
    • Verify the vital information for each person.
    • Search to see if another record already exists for one of the incorrectly merged people. Do not create a duplicate record, if possible.
    • Add sources and reason statements to help other contributors reach correct conclusions. Select standardized dates and places. 
    • Carefully review all attached sources, and be sure they are attached to the proper record after you unmerge 2 records.
    • Keep careful notes to help prevent confusion as you research the incorrectly merged people. 
  2. Create a new, unconnected person whose record contains all of the right information.
    • Create one new record for each person whose information is mixed up within the record of the ancestor in order to separate the lines. Keep track of the IDs so you can easily move between records as you work. 
    • Move the appropriate information to the correct person's record.
    • Move the appropriate sources and memories to the correct person's record.
    • Make sure each record has the correct relationships to spouses, children, and parents. 
  3. Delete any incorrect relationships.

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