What’s New on FamilySearch—February, 2015


Each month, FamilySearch will publish a collective list of new changes and updates to the FamilySearch website. This list includes changes to Family Tree as well as all other part of FamilySearch. In some cases, these changes will also be published as individual articles where the needs to do so exists.



570 Million New Record Hints

Record hints continue to improve the accuracy of information in Family Tree and help our patrons find more names of ancestors. An additional 570 million record hints were released on January 22.

Hinting by the numbers:

  • December 23: We released 14 million new record hints.
  • January 22: We released another 570 million new record hints.
  • On average, 98 percent of the hints are accurate.
  • Because of the January 22 release, record hints were added to 120 million deceased people who did not have hints before.
  • Approximately 1 out of every 10 records attached also adds a new person to Family Tree.
  • 6 million hints are now attached to Family Tree.
  • Over a million records are being added to Family Tree each week.
  • On Sunday, January 25, we hit an all-time record high with 197,090 hints attached to Family Tree.

Enhanced Attach Refinements

User testing of the SourceLinker attach tool has helped identify several changes that would improve the tool for the users. The following changes are now available:

  • Next or Previous Has Been Added to the Image Pop-ups

When you view an image in the pop-up, you will have the ability to view the next or previous image. This allows you to view entire families when they are split across census images. The option currently appears only if the family or person is split across different images.

  • Open Image in New Window

When you view an image in a pop-up window, you can choose to open that same image in a new window after you dismiss the pop-up window and return to the attach tool. To view the image in a new window, click the Toggle Full Screen icon.







  • With the Attach Tool, Add People from a Record to Your Source Box

The attach tool lets you add a record source to your Source Box. Now it also lets you add a person from the record to your Source Box. This is helpful when the information in the record is different from the information in Family Tree and you want to verify which information is correct before you attach the record. You can add a note to remind yourself what information you want to verify. When you are ready, you can easily finish attaching the record.
To add the person to your Source Box, click the Add to Source Box button below the person’s name and information.







Improvements for Transferring Information to Family Tree from Your My Family: Stories That Bring Us Together Booklet

In November, these updates were reported as “Coming Soon.” They are now available.Speed and Flow. The speed of loading information and adding it to Family Tree has improved.

Usability. In response to user feedback, the children and sibling pages have been rewritten.









There are now more explanations for users about creating a digital record, finding matches in Family Tree, and adding new information to the tree.

Mass Copy. If ancestors in your booklet are already in Family Tree, you can now copy their information into the online version of the booklet with one action. This feature saves you time and lets you focus on adding photos, stories, and new people.










AdditionalLanguages. The booklet capture is now in these additional languages: Armenian, Dutch, Fijian, Hungarian, Khmer, Mongolian, Swedish, Samoan, Thai, Tongan, and Ukrainian. You may select the language in Family Tree, or your browser may detect the language. This will help users who speak these languages have a better experience transferring their information from printed booklets to Family Tree.

To select an additional language, do the following:

  1. Go to FamilySearch.org.
  2. In the ribbon near the middle of the page, click Family Booklet. It's important to remember that the additional languages appear only after you go to the family booklet page.




  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Language.
  2. Click the language you want.












Mobile Devices. We’ve ensured that all of the pages in the application display and function properly on mobile devices (both tablets and smart phones). This extends booklet capture functionality to many users who have Internet access through mobile devices.

PDF Output. You can now export your online booklet to a PDF format that can be printed or shared with others.













FamilySearch App Gallery








Partners have created their programs to work with FamilySearch.org. They are also helping to get the world’s records online more quickly. The FamilySearch App Gallery lists our partners’ products. Many of these products are certified to work with FamilySearch and can help you do more with FamilySearch.org.

Here are the categories in the new FamilySearch App Gallery:

  • Find Ancestors. These apps help you discover more of your ancestors by searching historical records.
  • Family Tree Software. These apps help you stay organized and build your family tree.
  • Photos and Stories. These apps help you find, preserve, and share precious family memories.
  • Charts and Tree Views. These apps help you view your family tree data in a variety of interesting ways.
  • Tree Analyzing. These apps help you uncover areas of your family tree that need more attention.

You can see the new app gallery at www.FamilySearch.org/apps. It replaces our old products page and lists our partners and the certified apps. Selecting an app takes you to a page where you can learn more about what the app does, how it works with FamilySearch, what languages it is available in, what it costs, and how to get it.

You can also get to the app gallery from a link on the bottom of the FamilySearch.org home page. Scroll down, and look for it in one of the boxes at the bottom of the page. The boxes rotate, so if you don’t see the app gallery, refresh your screen (press F5 for most browsers), and look again. You may have to refresh your screen a couple of times. We’re working on getting a more permanent link on the home page.





Shutdown of new.FamilySearch.org

The new.FamilySearch.org website was replaced by FamilySearch.org. The shutdown of the new.FamilySearch.org website took place on February 2. It will still synchronize with Family Tree on FamilySearch.org, but you will not be able to sign in or view new.FamilySearch.org, and third-party programs will no longer be able to access the data on the site.


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